April 18, 2009, 11:00 AM

There seems to be a new squirrel in town.  At first glance I thought he was a red squirrel — I could see the tint of red whenever he shifted into sunlight.  After watching, I decided that he just looked red, maybe a young squirrel, but really belonging to the gray squirrel family.  I hope he doesn’t mind my decision.  His behavior was curious: he sat on a branch, constantly thumping his left leg, making a series of peeps and squeaks that crescendoed into a screech.  I hadn’t ever noticed a squirrel making these exact noises before, so I had to stare at length to be sure that he was the source of the sounds.  The must certainly have been an intentional pattern to his patter.  The peeps, squeaks, then screeches kept repeating in sequence throughout the 10 minutes that I watched.