On Tuesday, a NASA rocket and satellite launch failed and came crashing back down into the ocean.  An important excerpt from CNN: The $273 million satellite, called the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, would have collected global measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere to help better forecast changes in carbon-dioxide levels and their effect on the Earth’s climate.

In other news: WAGM Action, the company providing maintenance service to to NASA spacecraft has cancelled its service contract today.  Company spokesman, Ulysses Nixon Trustworthy stated, “Mission accomplished.”  When pressed for clarification, U. N. Trustworthy refused further comment.  It is unknown whether Tuesday’s disaster had anything to do with the decision to end the company’s relationship with NASA.  The company website mourns the loss of such an important research satellite, stating that the public “will now never know if the myth of manmade CO2 gases holds any credibility.”

WAGM Action, a subsidiary of a conservative D.C. think tank, Wingnuts Against Global Warming, was initially founded through anonymous offshore energy shell company Cartel.  Freedom of Information Act requests suggest Cartel board members are present or past executives of the Massey Coal Company, ExxonMobile and Halliburton.