April 17, 2009 4:00 PM

Things have been supper busy lately.  It’s spring and Earth Day is coming up, so my workload has increased as several projects gear up.  It has been very difficult to make sure that I take my ten minute meditation + ten for writing.  Twenty minutes seems like such a small amount of time, especially in my normal twelve hour work day, but it somehow seems impossible with all of these pressing demands.  So much time seems to be spent on email or computer based research that these few minutes of quiet contemplation and observation become treasures.  I continue to be astounded by what I see in these quiet moments.   Today, I just sat and watched a male cardinal.  I enjoyed looking at his bright red feathers and how the afternoon sunlight made him appear vibrant, almost glowing.


April 12, 2009 12:45 PM

It’s Easter Sunday and I’m standing on the back deck behind my mother’s house.  I watch the variety of birds that have arrived at the numerous feeders.  A Black-capped Chickadee, the boldest of them all, comes to a feeder right by where I stand.  I see a bright crimson male Cardinal on a branch not far away.  Young Hairy Woodpeckers are walking up and down an oak 20 feet up.  Another Woodpecker lands on a feeder of his choosing, takes away a nut and cracks it on the side of the house.  A Nuthatch carefully plucks a seed, returns to a tree and eats the treat standing upside down.  All of these birds watch me carefully, but decide (correctly) that I am not a threat. I stare at the trees and notice the changing color of the forest.  Those Red Maple buds are changing the scene from gray to red one day at a time.  I can see spring slowly creep in – despite the cold bite of the wind – and the increasing strength of the sun marches on.  A Goldfinch comes to get his share of seeds.  His pale yellow-green winter coat is giving way to vibrant yellow plumage.  The grass promises verdant possibilities.  Even I have spent enough time in the sun to notice winter’s pallor giving way to summer vitality.

April 5, 2009 6:57 PM

Looking up into the warm, clear sky, another sign of spring floats across my field of vision.  Migrating hawks seem suspended on thermals, even effortlessly aloft.  All is quiet.  None of the regular song birds that squat in my yard make their presence known. The hawks begin to glide out of sight and I have not yet seen one flap wings.  I rush to get my camera, but really a moment too late to capture the closeness or numbers of birds.

March 27, 2008 4:13 PM

I could hear them from a distance.  Loud.  Numerous.  But where?  Then swooping in, they nearly blot out the sky before landing in the red maple next to my house.  Chirping so vociferously all other noise was drowned out.  Hundreds of black, iridescent forms, as if a singing cloud drifted across the field to a willow.  The grackles have announced their return from winter.