April 6, 2009 8:20 PM

We have 7 twenty-day-old chicks.  I have been watching them grow daily.  Sometimes, it is surprising to see how much they have grown in a day.  Today, I have really begun to notice how their wing feathers are developing.  They eat constantly, too.  I filled the food dish three times today. 

They are funny to watch, but very odd creatures.  I watch them, they watch me.  They stare back at me until they fall asleep.  I watch our favorite, the stripe-headed Miss Tulip, as her eyes blink thrice, then slowly close.  As she drifts into whatever chicken dreams float through her mind, her head slowly drops to the floor.  Sometimes, she’s in such a position that her head rolls over backward until she startles herself awake.  It reminds me of watching my step-father drifting off to sleep in front of the evening news: a head bob and a snort and he was awake again looking at the tv, but just for a moment before it started all over again.  At least the chickens don’t drool.


April 1, 2009 6:39

Seven chicks peep curious,
looking at me with one eye.
Spring cool keeps them under the heat lamp,
too shy to investigate the
addition to their box.