March 6, 2009 5:39

 The air smells new today and the snow is meant to melt.  In watching the season so closely, I realize each day marches on to something else, never stuck in winter, but always changing.  Like my summertime garden revealing luscious growth and fruit before my eyes, I see winter, too, has something to mull over.  Just before the sun dips below the tree line, the cloud tops shine bright orange and I focus on the aging pumpkin removed from storage days ago and placed in the snow.  Its deeply colored, but aging skin stands in contrast to the surrounding white.  It makes me sad to see her die from old age.  I remember those exhilarating days not long ago when I nursed her on the vine.  There were grand plans of jack-o-lanterns and pies. It is easy to let dreams slip when winter’s sun shines so short.  I remember fondly her sisters’ pies, sauces and soups and I relish increased daylight now as spring suggests itself.