working on Give Plastic the Boot

working on Give Plastic the Boot

Ok, so, I don’t usually get too worked up about what other people write about my work in their own blogs, but I just felt like responding to this one: ecofriend.

The author writes about the Dark Side of my work:

“Once the shoe has been exhibited in various places, keeping it intact would be hard for the eco-artist. Sooner or later the bottles and the plastic bags will eventually reach the nearest landfill and this time in more concentration.”


The piece is quite solid and not susceptible to falling apart. It was actually designed as a permanent piece of art for the Timberland Company, thus should not be returned to the waste stream in any concentration. The bottles were removed from the waste stream.  But, if it were to be discarded, it is entirely recyclable. I would expect the boot to be shredded, pelletized and recycled into more plastic rather than sit in a landfill. In my region of NH, tens of thousands of plastic bottles bypass recycling daily and end up in the local landfill. My work strongly advocates for reducing our consumption of these single-use convenience items and increasing our recycling of the plastic that is used. I really do take great care to create work that has the least impact possible.  

I wonder about this a little more: hmmm… if I recycled the plastic by using it as art material, I actually save the energy of the whole recycle/remanufacture process to begin with.  Would that be even more environmentally sound?